Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dressember - A-dress-ing social justice

**We interrupt my late postings of the November JoyDare to bring you this important message**
It's December, people! *whew* That month flew by!
December + Dresses = Dressember
"A-dress-ing social justice in the 21st century. A month of wearing dresses to raise money for International Justice Mission to combat human trafficking."
I've decided to try this. And seeing as I only have about 10 dresses, it will be interesting to see how I will be obtaining the other 21 dresses that will be needed for this project. It's gonna be hard. It's gonna be over the top some days. It's gonna get some attention. [that's the plan, anyways]. To raise awareness about the efforts of IJM {International Justice Mission} to save woman, children and men from the shackles of modern day slavery.

Did you know 27 million people are currently trapped in slavery? That's more than during the entire course of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. I'm participating in Dressember, a month of dresses, to help International Justice Mission and Campaign1:17 end modern-day slavery.
Are you intrigued by this adventure? Want to follow me in this month of dresses?
  • Sign up here to the blog where I will post a collection of photos from the most recent days every so often.
  •   Follow on Instagram @kiwikilynn to get daily dress pics
  • Go to Campaign1:17 to sponsor me this month!
This is an amazing opportunity to give a gift that will keep on giving this Christmas season. I hope you will pray about supporting me and sponsoring me this month. Perhaps a Dollar a Dress?? That's only $31 dollars. If everyone can only give what they are led to give, we can make a huge impact for the lives of many people. 'It only takes a little spark to get a fire going' Grace at Campaign 1:17 has lit a spark, I foresee a blaze in the future. Please go here and read the passion that has been lit in her heart.
Dressember 1st
*Note: I didn't come up with 'Dressember' myself, unfortunately, cause it's super cute! It was started by a young woman just a couple years ago, and she did it to directly benefit the work of IJM. You can learn more of her story here: Since I know a passionate young girl who is already campaigning for IJM I am asking that anyone who DOES WANT TO SPONSOR me this month make their donations directly to Grace who is giving every red cent to IJM to free humans from injustice and bondage.

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