Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dressember 22nd

The whirl of the Christmas season is slowing down and I have some time to post all the dresses you've missed!! On the 21st I wore my First Repeat Dress. And on the 22nd my second repeat dress! I still had a couple 'new' dresses to share, but also some repeats coming up. I was surprised at how many dresses I actually have, and then I borrowed a few, and had a couple donated for the cause! Thanks everyone!

Did you know there are girls like us who are trapped in abusive brothels this Christmas? 

Approximately 27 million people are trapped in some sort of modern day slavery. 

We might not save them all. But we just might save one! 

Be on the look out for all the dresses from the 22nd to the 26th today, and also some exciting news from the front lines of the battle for lives caught in slavery!

Wanna Join The Fun?
  •  Commit to Praying for Sara, Hope and I this month so we can continue to stand strong in our challenge this month to stand with those who stand alone. Leave a comment below to let us know you're praying!
  • Sponsor Hope, Sara, Holly and/or I, by giving to Campaign 1:17Go Here to hear the story behind the campaign and Go Here to Donate [be sure to add a note to say who you're sponsoring!
  • Go To the Campaign 1:17 blog and leave a comment forGrace to encourage her to continue the fight!
Don't miss a single dress!
Dressember 15th ; Dressember 16th ; Dressember 17th

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