Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dressember 8th

Dressember 8th
You Can Do Anything In a Dress!

With another inch or two of snow added to the 8-9" we already had, today was a great day for sledding!
We [Kerry 25, Sara 7, and Hope 5] have partnered with Grace at Campaign1:17 to raise funds for the International Justice Mission. IJM seeks to make public justice systems work for victims of abuse and oppression who urgently need the protection of the law. {source}
A-Dress-ing Social Justice

Dressing for Freedom

Celebrating Femininity

Holly Lynn [3yrs] doesn't want to be left out! When her Momma tried dressing her in a sweater and skirt she said, "No! It's not a Dress!"

1 million children are exploited by the global commercial sex trade, every year.

We might not save 1 million.
But we just might save one.

Wanna join the fun?

  • Commit to Praying for Sara, Hope and I this month so we can continue to stand strong in our challenge this month to stand with those who stand alone. Leave a comment below to let us know you're praying!
  • Sponsor Hope, Sara and/or I, by giving to Campaign 1:17. Go Here to hear the story behind the campaign and Go Here to Donate [be sure to add a note to say who you're sponsoring!]
  • Go To the Campaign 1:17 blog and leave a comment for Grace to encourage her to continue the fight!


Don't miss a single dress!
Dressember 1st


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