Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dressember 3rd

3 Dresses on Dressember 3rd
Celebrating Freedom and Femininity
Did you know?
"CHENNAI, INDIA – The week of November 18th, 2013, 59 girls were rescued from slavery [Through the efforts of IJM] in a factory that markets itself in the country as a conscientious food supplier of high-quality, organic pickles.
"The girls—13 to 25 years old—were forced to work 16-hour days in the unsanitary factory, exposed to dangerous chemicals and barely nourished by rice and water boiled with onions. At night, they crammed mats into a two tiny rooms; 40 girls slept in one space about the size of a small studio apartment in New York City.
"The girls had been trapped in the abusive factory for several months. They told shocking stories of how they got there—most said they had been tricked by the same man offering a sightseeing trip down South for about $15. The girls were from impoverished families, and the opportunity had seemed too good to pass up." Read the whole story here...

Girls 13 to 25 years old...

Grace 13yrs - Kerry 25yrs
Grace [Founder of Campaign1:17] and I are great friends. We are very different and so much alike. When I read the above article I realized we represent the age range of the girls rescued from the slave labor factory in India. We live full free lives. We work and play with our families. We go to church and worship God with no persecution. We hang out with friends, go out to eat, and go shopping any day of the week. 59 girls were tricked and this freedom, that I take for granted everyday, was taken away from them.
We praise the Lord that these girls have been given the freedom to live away from the abuse they endured!
But there are still girls being tricked and trapped into all kinds of modern-day slavery.
Dressember is our way to promote awareness.

Hope - 5yrs
Kerry - 25yrs
Sara - 7yrs
Sending out a special THANK YOU today to Threasa for sponsoring me this month at $1.00 a dress!!
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