Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dressember 13th

 Dressember 13th
With freezing rain and general yuck coming out of the sky yesterday, we decided to take our pictures separately again and email them. It's so fun to see how many days we match, the little girls and I, and we don't even try. :^) Even in the little things, God has a hand and makes me smile.

Collecting statistics on human trafficking—the illegal trading of human beings for commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor—is particularly difficult because of the hidden nature of trafficking activities. Although the majority of labor trafficking victims are undocumented or qualified aliens, the majority of sex trafficking victims in the U.S. are U.S. citizens. {source}

 In 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) charged a total of 118 defendants in forced labor and adult sex trafficking cases, representing a 19 percent increase over the number of defendants charged in the previous year and the highest number ever charged in a single year.  {source}

118 defendants, in 118 forced labor and adult sex trafficking cases, 118 slave holders [in the US] who are facing consequences for their actions; that's 118 individuals who were trapped in some form of modern day slavery, 118 people that were found, 118 men or woman who had a defender, 118 slaves in courts in America.

Praise the Lord!

In one hand, I see that number and think, "wow, 118, that's a lot of slave cases in one year in America". But on the other hand, 118 is a small number compared to 27,000,000 [27 Million]. And that's just a guestimate. That leaves 26,999,882 [twenty six million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, eight hundred eighty two] estimated humans being held captive by slave holders who are not being held accountable for the pain and suffering they are inflicting. They are out there, somewhere, today, gaining power and money off the forced services of people they decide are lesser then themselves.

It really is Not just a Dress this month.
It's more than that.
It's a challenge to remember the least of these, everyday. It's a challenge to stand with those held captive. We don't have to save all 27,000,000 people affected by slavery. But maybe we can save 118.  

We [Kerry, Sara, Hope and Holly] have partnered with Grace at Campaign1:17 to raise funds for the International Justice Mission.
IJM seeks to make public justice systems work for victims of abuse and oppression who urgently need the protection of the law. {source}

Update from an IJM freedom fighter on Instagram:
"Sending out some major @dressember love all the way from @ijmhq! We love participating in the #dressember movement and are so thankful for all of you! Over 3000 rescues this year so far. Thanks for helping make that possible. We ❤️ you"
3000 Rescues!! IN ONE YEAR. World wide. We CAN make a difference! One Dress at a time. :^)

Wanna join the fun?

  • Commit to Praying for Sara, Hope and I this month so we can continue to stand strong in our challenge this month to stand with those who stand alone. Leave a comment below to let us know you're praying!
  • Sponsor Hope, Sara and/or I, by giving to Campaign 1:17. Go Here to hear the story behind the campaign and Go Here to Donate [be sure to add a note to say who you're sponsoring!]
  • Go To the Campaign 1:17 blog and leave a comment for Grace to encourage her to continue the fight!

Don't miss a single dress!


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