About Me

"I bear the Maker’s image, and one of the ways that plays out is that I delight in making."                                          -Andrew Peterson

This quote really sums up for me why I do what I do. I've enjoyed making things for as long as I can remember. Creating is a passion; and it only makes sense, seeing as I am a daughter of The Master Creator. "In the beginning God created..." Genesis 1:1

I praise Him for providing me with the means and the creative inspiration to have an outlet for this passion, and I desire to glorify my Creator in all that I do.

I’ve been trying to define my brand. Simply Natural.

For years, I’ve been segregating each facet of what I do; I had two etsy stores, three blogs, three FB pages, three youtube channels and three emails.

{insert maniacal scream}

I was trying to come across to folks simply, but I was all over the place! I was over burdened with trying to keep it all updated and running smooth and making sure people knew who I was, what I was doing.

All the branding know how I was learning was; keep it simple, cohesive, ‘tell what you do/make in 5 words or less’, ‘people show know who you are and what you’re about within 30 seconds of seeing your website’. On and on.

I’m wordy. How could I possibly tell someone everything I do in five words or less?? I can’t stand Twitter. They are so limiting! And Snapchat is fun… but really hard for me. [Especially the fact that all those fun pictures are gone forever… {Noooo!!}]. I have lots to say, and lots of things to say about.

And you may not want to listen. But, that’s okay. If you want to know why this mishmash collection of artsy [or not so artful] stuff is in one place, than keep reading.

I can’t segregate myself. I am a mishmash collection of artsy [and not so artsy] stuff.

I’m musical; I write and sing my own songs, and other peoples songs, play the guitar and try to learn new instruments and songs all the time. Just picked up the banjolele [you read that right] and working on the mountain dulcimer. This has spilled into an album that God gave me to present to you. It’s stories of life and death, triumph and failure, Hope and Grace, of babies and bearded men. [Stay tuned for a new album as the inspirational well does not run dry].

I’m crafty. And honestly, this is a huge section of the segregation factor. But it’s no longer segregated. It’s knitting, and spinning; crochet and sewing; with spattering’s of weaving, water color painting, felting, embroidery, tatting once, scrapbooking, card making and random Pinterest-Do-It-Yourself-ing.

I’m into costumes, fantasy, history, retro, vintage. I love the simplicity of modern design and am drawn to the rustic décor of Victorian country. Log cabins in the mountains and loft apartments overlooking the city. Coffee is good. It’s good at a country diner, or at a hoity-toity kaffee shop. [and don’t forget hot tea]. From sixties bell-bottoms to Civil War ball gowns, I’m into a little bit of everything. I could be happy most anywhere.

I’m natural. I earned my Herbalist certification through Shawnee Moon School of Herbal Medicine in 2012. I work as General Manager for Shawnee Moon Herbaceuticals. I make herbal supplements, and all natural skin care products like lip balm, lotion and after shave cream. I believe what God said in Genesis, “Behold, I give you every herb bearing seed for meat”. God created the plants for our benefit. We need to use them.

I have an amazingly talented and creative Momma. And I wrangle her into practically every design and decision. She’s my automatic spellchecker, and creative cohort. She’s my morning coffee companion and best friend.  She is a superb spinner and methodical knitter. She is a production queen and keeps house better than Martha Stuart.

This is Simply Natural.

The branding of that may be hard to define; but that’s me. Take it or leave it. Or take a little bit at a time and chew on it ‘til you figure it out. But I’m not going to be concerned if you decide you can’t understand me. Cause more than likely, I wouldn't be able to understand you very easily. And that’s okay. We don’t have to understand one another to enjoy the creative abilities of the other.

We trade money with companies and people every day that we have no understanding of. [IRS, for instance, ebay, craigslist (those things freak me out!)]. Let’s not over complicate things here. You see something you like? I'll make it. You send some cash to support this mishmash of artsy [and not so artsy] stuff. I send you artsy [or not so artsy] stuff. We both be happy.

So keep coming back. It will no longer be segregated or censored [not that I need censoring]. It will be a conglomerate of arts and stuff, ideas and dreams. Keep hearing bits from me and sharing bits with me. And we’ll learn and grow together. 

Have a blessed day!

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