Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Knitting, How I've Missed You!

I've been so busy this summer with school and a new job [not to mention Etsy, family, friends; but you know how that is] that I haven't had much time for making much of anything. Just whipping out a little bag here and there, and making a pair of feed bag shorts [inside joke; will clue you in later if your interested!]. But I have not had time to sit and enjoy the process of 'knit one purl one' and watch with wonder as 'something' emerges.

I recently bought a pattern for button down fingerless mitts from knitter, designer and fellow Etsyian, Lynette McPherson, of Fern Wood Wool Works. The pattern has been fun; not quite a beginners pattern, but no doubt easily understood and well explained. She also designs knit socks, leg warmers and even baby mitts and leg warmers!

All I have left to do for this right hand mitt is pick out some buttons to sew on, weave in the loose ends and ...

... finish the ribbing on the thumb.

Then, on the the left mitt! I can't wait to get started and have these this fall and winter to keep my hands cozy at the drafty feed store I work at. I'll post photos of the completed pair when I have had time to finish them. Thanks Lynette, for the beautiful design!

Have a terrific Tuesday.