Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3 Gifts Government - 30DaysThankful - 6

So this one is kind of stumping me... 3 Gifts Government? Did I read that right?

:checks chart again:

Yes. It does in fact say, day six = 3 gifts government.


I googled 'gifts of government'...

And LOOK what I found! --- Kubernesis (greek verb) [go ahead, say it out loud... it will be fun!]

It is translated as government or administration in the Bible. But literally means, "to steer, like steer a ship, or aircraft, to pilot, to govern, to rudder. James uses the metaphor of a small rudder of a ship being like the tongue, able to steer a large vessel (James 3:4)."

#1 - The gift of Kubernesis. I'm grateful for the small control by grace I have over the small rudder of my tongue.

Then! Look at this one --- Kubernetes (greek noun) this "refers to the person who performs kubernesis. This is the pilot or the navigator."

#2 - The gift of Kubernetes. The one who Guides. The One who gives the grace, provides the map, so I'm not completely lost on this voyage.

#3 - I do thank the Lord for our current government of the USA. Of course they're making mistakes. [who doesn't??] But I do believe that 'Thanksgiving proceeds the miracle.' [I'm thankful for them; now I wait for the miracle, in faith, that they can make better choices].

Thanks to http://www.giftofgovernments.org/ for the Greek-y info!
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