Sunday, February 2, 2014

Angela the Herbalist - Inheritance Costume Profile (NOT like Angela in the Movie!!!)

Some friends and I planned a birthday party for Christopher Paolini's 30th birthday, on November 17th, 2013. I came to the event dressed as my favorite character; Angela the Herbalist 
[Some minor spoilers ahead if you haven't finished the series yet]

This was a super fun character in the books and I had such a great time designing this costume and recreating her from the awesome descriptions in the story that Paolini penned. 
This costume is layered with some hand made aspects [ie, pieces I made just for this costume], and some store bought [ie, stuff I already had in my closet]. 

Handmade: Emerald green hooded cloak, green/burgundy over skirt [w/ hidden pockets], hip bag/knitting pouch, hanging belt details [bottles/rocks/skulls/beads/mushrooms/frog stools/daggers/darts/etc] 

Since I am a Certified Herbalist, and celebrated my first year as a practicing herbalist this same November, I always felt a particular connection to Angela. 

This lady is not at all what she seems; from the many hidden weapons sneaking out of the folds of her skirts to her age beyond her appearance, from her serious knitting skills to her stealth with a blade. Angela is full of surprises. 

During the party, we had time under the Minoa tree where we shared some kind of art that everyone created. For my 'show-and-tell' I knit a hat, based on a vauge descirption of a hat that Angela is knitting in the final book during a scene where she speaks to Eragon in a stair well. [why is she knitting in a stairwell, you ask? It's a story for another time.] 
The line in the book simply states that she was knitting a blue and white hat with these runes across it: RAXACORI. When Eragon asks her about what the runes mean, she brushes him off, as usual, saying that it would take her too long to explain so he would understand. 

A little detail on some of the props for this costume.

Angela carries a poniard, a short pointy sword [or long dagger], which she uses under Dras Leona when Eragon loses Brisinger and she gives him her main sword, Tinkledeath. A dagger the color of a ruddy sun set. Green and yellow darts. And some glass vials that release a green vapor which chokes the enemy and they fall to the ground with little mushrooms sprouting up on all exposed skin. :shutter: Don't mess with this girl. 

I tried creating the little daggers by just cutting out some cardboard and wrapping the cut outs in masking tape. Then I used chrome spray paint to get the sliver metal look of steel. 

Added acrylic paint decorations and handle, and wrapped some sliver wire around it for more interest.

Angela protecting little Elva.

Don't bother me; I'm knitting. 

Just kidding. Thanks for stopping by! 

Kerry - aka, Angela


  1. I have to say that your "cosplay" is AWESOME! I've shared your photos in my Brazilian Inheritance Cycle's fanpage and we loved it! It's so much better than the Angela from the movie.

    1. Ah! Thank you for your comment, Valeria!! I'm honored you think so! I had so much fun creating it and taking notes as I read through the books whenever she was mentioned. Angela is just so cool, funny and epic. :^) Check back, or follow my blog or pinterest, cause I will be adding more characters that were at the party! I'd love to hear what you think of those, too!
      Do you do any cosplay in Brazil?

  2. Cool! I'll keep my eye on your blog and pinterest. In Brazil we LOVE cosplays, I've performed a few myself, though it's been a long time since my last cosplay... I'm out practice u.u.
    I noticed that you're a seamstress, and you sewed your costume, well I have to say that so am I! I sew my own stuff too!

  3. Awesome! I've never done an 'official' cosplay event, at least, I don't think I have! Lol, my cousins and friends and I just like playing dress up and make up any kind of excuse to do so. :^) I have a passion for costume design, and love creating new costumes. Sewing is the best. I'm so blessed to get to do what I love. Do you have any photos of your garments online?

    1. I used to go often to cosplay/animes events, but lately they are so crowded that it's nearly impossible to walk, and doesn't matter how big the place is...
      So Kerry I do have a few photos of some of my cosplays. In my city we have some events taking place anually and they are all crowded.


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