Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Unexpected Party - Part 2 - Food Fit for a Hobbit

Last September my cousin, Josh, turned 9, and he is a huge fan of The Hobbit. So he wanted to have a Lord Of The Rings themed birthday party!! [see part 1 here]

You can follow Grace's pinterest board to see where many of the ideas came from! Links below to other blogs where the Lembas Bread recipe and templets came from...

The food and drink was one of the most fun parts! [And certainly the most important part, if you ask any decent hobbit]. I'll let the food speak for itself...

"It comes in pints?? I'm getting me one!"

[Grace used green cardstock tied with string instead of the craft foam they suggest].

"One small bite can fill a grown mans stomach"

Drum roll please.....

Surly there was something among these to tantalize your taste buds!! Leave a comment below if we left something out! What are your Middle Earth Food Favorites??

Blessings - Kerry

**Up next? Peoples of Middle Earth! Check back soon!**


  1. ya all are so creative! Thanks for sharing these ideas!! :) btw how'd you make the Lembas bread? Was it just regular bread wrapped in leaves?

    1. You're welcome! Grace, my cousin, did like, ALL of this!! I updated the post above to include a link to a template and recipe, but there are other recipes I was finding, so I'll double check with Grace and let you know which recipe she made. It is a sweet bread and very yummy. Good with coffee the morning after. ;^)


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