Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Unexpected Party - Part 1 - Invitation and Decor

Last September my cousin, Josh, turned 9, and he is a huge fan of The Hobbit [book, and movies] and is nearly completed his first read through The Lord Of the Rings. 

He wanted to have a Hobbit/LOTR themed party, and that is just what we did! Grace [Josh's big sister] made these incredibly cute invitations to look like Bilbo's door, at Bagend!

[back of the invite]

We used reclaimed white newsprint paper [like the kind used as packing material] and made a tree shape in a corner to be The White Tree of Gondor. [This was an idea from Pinterest, I believe, but it was a jungle tree, or some other theme, with brown and green paper]

The little girl wanted her picture by the White Tree...

Such tourists! [Couldn't NOT share these smiles!]

--> The Birthday Boy dressed up like Bilbo Baggins! Here he is eating second breakfast [an apple] standing outside of Bagend. [Grace set up a dome tent and covered it with a sheet, then drew the door out of more packing paper, and added greenery around]

Here is Bilbo in Shelob's Layer! Look out behind you!!!

They made a large banner [just like in the movie] to wish a happy birthday to Josh.

The Black Arrow. This was a game, I think Grace thought up. She drew the picture of Smaug, including his missing scale, and taped it to a cardboard box. Then they had a couple bows and arrows and everyone got a chance to try and slay the dragon! This was a LOT of fun!!

Another fun game [and more appropriate for the younger hobbits in attendance] was Mount Doom Ring Toss! The target was a picture of the top of the Mount Doom volcano, and each contestant got to toss The Ring into the burning depths! [they were actually small washers] :^) 

A welcome for the front door of the house. 

The Mark Gandalf leaves on Bilbo's door so the Dwarves know they are at the right house when they arrive to seek Bilbo's services as a burglar.  

There were fun goodie bags/party favors for everyone to take home! 

Paper and yarn bunting completed the look on the porch. [get a printable template here!]

This is Part 1 of at least 3... Stay tuned!!

Blessings - Kerry

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