Thursday, July 11, 2013

Don't Give Up - God Promised

Imagine. You are in a room full of people your age, and there are some guys among them. Okay, they’re really cool, and their really cute. You’re glad when you look down and realize you are wearing that really great outfit that shows off all your best features. You’re flirtations; but you just call it ‘being friendly’. You catch the eye of the cutest boy there. A shiver of excitement runs down your spine. “Could he be the One?” you think to yourself, and pray a silent prayer that you don’t trip over your words. He’s drawn to you. But he’s not interested in protecting your heart. He likes what you’re showing, but he doesn’t know who you are. In the moment it feels like it must be right, why couldn’t this be true love? Why would he not be ‘the one’? So you let him come closer. He really seems grateful, but he wants more. He begrudges you’re so called ‘standards’, and you run right up to the boundary of your rules. 

Then, the door opens. It is Jesus standing in the door way. But he is not alone. He is walking with a young man who is glowing with the light of the Lord. Jesus puts his arm around the young man’s shoulder and points to you across the room. You hear Him say to the young man;

“Look, here she is! This beautiful girl is the one who I have saved you for. This is the girl that you have been faithful to all these years. This is the girl who you have sacrificed your own sinful desires, your lustful thoughts and your Hollywood dreams for. She is the woman whose heart has been fashioned for yours.”

Your heart is caught in your throat. You look at the cute boy with his arm around your waist in disgust as you realize what you settled for. You allowed simple emotions to rule your life instead of diligently handing those emotions over to God. But you didn’t know. It’s what everyone else was doing. It’s what everyone else was settling for.

You push yourself away from the crowd with tears streaming down your face as you realize you believed a lie. Then you feel a hand on your shoulder. And you look up into the loving eyes of Jesus Christ. He takes both of your hands in his as you rise. As He wipes your tears you see tears in His eyes. You can see deep into His eyes and you see a pain much deeper than your own.

You mouth the words, ‘I’m Sorry’. A pitiful gesture but it is all you can manage. Then you open your mouth to explain. You try to come up with the right words to make him understand, but you stop yourself short. The reality sets in as you look deep in His loving face. ‘I didn’t trust you’ you hear yourself say. ‘I didn’t really believe that when you promised to provide the desires of my heart that you really knew what you were talking about. I decided to take control of my own love story and try it myself. But I’ve written a tragedy; take this pen from my hands. Rewrite what I’ve done wrong.’ He smiles, as soft knowing smile.

Jesus says, “I will retake the pen, I will script your story, as long as you continue to invite me into your life. These scars will remain, I have forgotten them, even if you have not. But they do NOT define who you are. You are a daughter of the King. A princess and beloved by your father.  It is not too late to live in faithful purity. It is not too late to rest in the fact that I, the Lord your God, will provide for every need and desire.”

He raises his hand and touches your head and in a flash of light your curve hugging outfit from the mall turns into a gleaming white gown. It is more beautiful than your dream wedding gown. The lines are cut just right; the lace and the pearls are perfectly placed. The vale now covers your face and your heart soars as you know it is not just a covering of cloth, but a covering of protection, love and forgiveness.

Then, you turn to look Jesus in the eyes again, through this vale of new life, and you know. He is the lover your soul has longed for all along. You have truly learned to delight yourself in the Lord and in His mighty plan for your life. Butterflies begin to flutter inside you and your heart skips a beat when you hear Him say your name.

“NOW, you are learning to truly love.” He says.

Then He kisses your hand and raises your vale at just the right moment. He looks to His right and motions for the young man you had forgotten about to come forward.


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  1. Wow! That is truly a God-given story. I had tears streaming down my face as I was reading this. This is amazing. It gives me a little closer look at your soul and who you are as a child of the King. We all take this for granted daily. Thank you, Kerry for reminding me. I pray the little ears that heard this are listening to the Lord and remember this in times of temptation. :-) <3 Love you. Pam S.


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