Monday, June 6, 2011

The Featured Seller - Christine's Jewelry

I've found another Etsy treasure! Her name is Christine and I'm so glad she was willing to share with you a glimpse into her work and passion...
Tell us about yourself and what you offer in your shop? 
How did you get started?

 I have a passion for making jewelry for other people! I have 3 beautiful children and I have been married to my wonderful husband Joel for 20 years. I am so blessed!

I have always loved art. I was always drawing, painting, sewing and making things as a girl. I love collecting pretty stones, beads and shells. I got started making jewelry over 10 years ago for gifts for people. It seemed like a more personal and appreciated gift to give, a wearable, handmade gift. It also cost me less than what I was able to buy. Recently people were asking the recipients where they got the jewelry and started requesting it.  I decided to open my shop on Etsy! I really love to make jewelry for other people. I love how it makes people feel special. Every time I get an idea and complete it and then see someone wearing it is such an awesome feeling!
How did you come up with your shop name?
Coming up with a shop name is a hard thing to do. I decided to just use my name so that when people ask others where they got their jewelry they can say, "It's Christine's Jewelry!"    
Describe your style in as few words as possible:
My style is romantic, elegant but also fun.  
What do you do when you’re not on Etsy or creating?
I am following my kids around on all of their many activities with music, school, sports, and encouraging them to follow their creative passions. We also take time to go on bike rides and walks with other friends and our chocolate lab. 
What is your favorite feature on Etsy? Why?
My Pink Blossom Rose Quartz Bracelet is one of my favorites because it is so sparkly and the pink is such a soft feminine color.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
I get my inspirations everywhere. I notice the colors in the sky, in sunsets, in nature, in art, architecture, books and magazines. I notice what kind of colors, clothes and jewelry people are wearing and I look at jewelry everywhere I go. 
What is your best/most successful marketing strategy?
  I think the best marketing strategy and way to promote yourself it to promote others because when people all work together, they can each get farther than if they work alone.  
What handmade possession do you cherish?
The handmade possession that I cherish the most is one of the many quilts that my mom so lovingly sewed for me.  She is always making things for us. 
Do you have any advice for those thinking of becoming Etsy sellers?
My advice to others who have their own business I found from
1. Don't just talk about it, do it.
2. Be patient.
3. Have perseverance.
4. Be determined.
5. Be passionate about what you do.
6. Practice, practice, practice.
7. Put in the hours. Work hard.
8. Don't be lazy.
9. Market yourself like crazy.
What are the greatest challenges and greatest rewards to running your own business?
One of the greatest challenges to running the business is all of the many hours it takes to learn more about running a business. Another challenge is  trying to find the best ways to reach people that would be interested in my jewelry.  The greatest rewards are meeting all kinds of wonderful people who are creative and learning from them. Another reward is getting such wonderful comments from people who own some of my jewelry!
What does handmade mean to you?
To me handmade means a person is using one's own hands to create.
Any last words?
If a person can make money doing what they love, then they have found heaven on earth.  
Don't forget to drop by and check out all of Christine's amazing hand-crafted pieces at her shop, ChristinesJewelry,  and go 'LIKE' her FB page.
I hope you have an amazing week!
Blessings - Kerry

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