Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tornado Relief Opportunity

We've all seen the devastating damage left in the wake of the Mid-West tornadoes. The enormous mess - what was once homes - that the people have to sift through is unimaginable. These people have lost everything; including family.

Through the heartbreak, we can pray that God will grant peace through the storm. We can also put our heartfelt wishes into far reaching actions.

Brittany, Etsy shop owner at Display Your He{ART} has followed the Lord's prompting and opened a door of opportunity for crafters and singer/songwriters. If you are creative and would like to help ease the suffering of the people effected by these storms, check out Brittany's blog post to get more info on how you can get involved.

Keep checking back; I will be updating in a week or so with how you will be able to enter to win a prize package from donations by Etsy crafters! [all proceeds go to benefit Tornado Victims] 

Happy Tuesday!

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