Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hidden Treasures - SimplyNaturalDesigns Featured!

An Etsy seller, PickSomeFlowers, features three items every week from other Etsy sellers who have fewer then 50 sales. This week she chose me! Please check out the post and take a gander at the beautiful pieces I was included with, and leave a note to say how much you like them! [and don't forget to look at the beautiful items Dara makes and sells in her shop!]

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


PS - Spoiler-Alert! Be on the look out for a new kind of post here on my blog.... :suspense fills the air:


  1. Kerry- I am SO sorry that I didn't respond to your comment in February about where we sell our photo cards! I haven't been checking comments for a while.
    Our sister Nikola does have an Etsy shop (plumedenikola.etsy.com), but we haven't tried selling the cards there yet. Should we try Etsy?
    We were thinking that people could order cards by emailing us (samandsisters@gmail.com), with ideas of what cards they want.
    Currently I realize we don't have a helpful selection of samples of photo cards up for peope to choose from. We will work on it!
    Will you be coming to the CHEF conference in June? We sell the cards there!
    Have a great day.

  2. I enjoyed looking at your Etsy shop!
    Our family also enjoys crafting. I love knitting!
    Marjolaine B.


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