Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Solomon's Seal Ointment

Today, as well as getting some knitting done, I got a small batch of ointment made up.
I wild crafted this Solomon's Seal root my self just this fall. There is a small patch that has sprouted up at the edge of my yard [which is also the edge of the woods]. I only had to dig one shovel full of dirt on the edge of the patch to get enough roots to make this little batch of ointment. I only noticed this spot where the Solomon's seal has decided to sprout up about two or three years ago, and then it was just one long slender plant. Now, there are at least 20 graceful stalks and more each spring.

Solomon's Seal is an herb that enjoys the cool dampness of the woods; like the ones found right here in the Ozark foot hills of Missouri. It is native to both the U.S.A. and Europe.

The primary uses are external. As a poultice it is suggested for bruises, inflammations and wounds. As a wash it is used for skin problems, blemishes and poison ivy. It is also stated to be good for neuralgia, [which is a sharp or 'biting' nerve pain, generally due to nerve damage or irritation] which explains it's use for de quervain's tendonitis or 'Mommy's Thumb'; a condition effecting two tendons of the hand, from the thumb to the wrist causing acute pain. I also wonder if it wouldn't aid in relieving the pain associated with shingles.

It is a folk remedy for piles [hemorrhoids], rheumatism, arthritis, lung ailments and skin irritations. One text states, 'will allay pain and heal piles, pulmonary consumption and bleeding of the lungs, also inflamed stomach and bowels'.

In Galen's time a distilled water of Solomon's Seal was used as a cosmetic, and Culpepper wrote; "the diluted water of the whole plant used to the face or other parts of the skin, cleanses it from freckles, spots or any marks whatever, leaving the place fresh, fair and lovely, for which purpose it is much used by the Italian ladies, and is the principle ingredients in cosmetics and beauty washes advertised by perfumers at a high price".
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please use common sense and consult a professional health care provider you trust with any decisions regarding your health and well being.

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