Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolutions - Organize and Simplify

Owl TO DO LIST Notepad (blue) by boygirlparty, check list pad - grocery office organizer paper
Owl 'to-do' list
As a way of reminding myself of this seemingly simple, yet painfully difficult resolution, I will be sharing with you some tips I'm trying to implement to 'declutter' my life. Unique and fun, some diy, some go-out-and-buy, all inspiring projects to simplify and organize your life this new year...

Multi-use items for the home...

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Can you say 'wow'? I'm loving this but I don't exactly have 6 grand to shell out for it. I need to get new tires on my car first... and a new windshield... and... Okay; moving on. ;^)

Pinned Image

So this is a little more attainable. A closet door that is also a book case. :BING: Love this. [not sure why there are no books on it, I wonder if you'd need industrial strength hinges to keep the weight of the books from dragging to door down...]

Here are a couple of things that I found and think would be great to implement in a kitchen space or office.

Organize that kitchen...
Vintage Farmhouse Wooden Silverware Organizer
Farmhouse wooden sliverware organizer
Can't go wrong with natural wood containers! I could do so much with one of these...
Letterpress Recipe Cards and Recipe Box
Letter press recipe cards
I love to use my 'fancy' pens [glitter, paint-ish, or just really nice and smooth] when I'm writing out recipe cards. It makes it fun and different, just be sure it's easy to read.
TEAL SHABBY CHIC Market Minder, Shopping list, organizer and memo board
Memo Board
  I'm really into chalk boards right now... they are so quaint and just fun to write on!

Organize that office...
Vintage Sewing Drawers / office organizers
Vintage drawers as organizers
I have a drawer atop my desk right now that houses a pencil cup, scissors, various types of glue and tape, and a little frog stapler, named Mr. Hughbert. [So really, I thought of this first; I just was to lazy to take a picture and post it on the internet...]

Desk Organizer CRAFTING CINDY Wood Pencil Holder Pen Holder Office Organizers
Desk organizer

This would be so handy for crochet hooks and knitting needles!

Have you found any items that can be used for multiple purposes? What is one organization tip or project that has brought peace of mind to your house, or simplified a daily task??

Happy Thursday

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